Zombie team Keychains!

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  • Clear acrylic charm
  • Double Sided
  • Size: 2in
  • Clear epoxy
  • Star, Heart, Sakura, Moon, color lobster keyring, (keychain may have a different keychain clasp then photo.)

♥Please Note: Due to the different designs on each side, there will be little see-thru imprints from the other side

There will be a protective film on the back of the charm, please remove this.

Please note that colors as presented on screen may differ from actual product colors.

Packaged in bubble wrap envelopes. I ship packages every week.
North America: ~10 business days

Disclaimer: I do not own the rights to any of the anime/manga/books/movies/games etc. inspiration was taken from. This is unofficial merch - INSPIRED by a certain fandom - which was all hand drawn, designed and illustrated by me, however the IP rights for any subjects inspiration was drawn from lies with their respective owners. To avoid any certain parties from DMCA reporting the listing, I will not be naming which fandom the inspiration for this design was taken from.